Brass Evangelism Workshop

Brass Evangelism Workshop


Program length: 45-60 minutes

Age range: 6th-12th

Setting: Classroom or auditorium

Do you have 30 flutes and zero brass in your band program? Looking for some pros to inspire your kids to take up a brass instrument?

Calliope Brass loves to preach the gospel of brass to wayward band members, and there’s nothing like a bit of Star Wars to get your students clamoring to play. In this 50 minute workshop, we’ll cover the basics of the brass family, debunk myths about choosing the brass lifestyle, facilitate a Q&A session, and of course, play the movie themes that will get your students excited about brass!

Special pricing is available for this workshop as an add-on to a concert/educational program performance.

Our workshop at the Kent Place School in Summit, NJ sparked the creation of a beginner brass class and doubled the number of brass players in their orchestra program!

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